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Jon Paul Robbins is a partner at a Manhattan-based law firm

Jon Paul Robbins is a partner at a Manhattan-based law firm called McLaughlin & Stern LLP. He works as a civil litigator, handling cases in fields like employment discrimination, real estate, arts, sports and entertainment, trusts and estates, lender liability, anti-trust, business dissolution, and insurance defense. Robbins is a graduate of Cornell University’s Law School.

Jon Paul Robbins is a Civil Litigation Specialist

Jon Paul Robbins isn’t just your average attorney. He is a widely known attorney practicing law in the New York City scene. He is a respected attorney because he excels at what he does. What he does is civil litigation, which essentially means that he is practicing non-criminal law. Jon Paul Robbins is a civil litigation specialist at a law firm based in New York City, New York, called McLaughlin & Stern LLP, where he is a partner.

Jon Paul Robbins has an abundance of experience with the New York City legal system. He has worked in New York City for the duration of his professional career. Jon Paul Robbins has worked in a wide variety of fields, including (but not limited to): anti-trust, business dissolution, art, real estate, insurance defense, estates and trusts, sports and entertainment, employment discrimination, lender liability.

SUNY – Binghamton (also known as the State University of New York at Binghamton) is where Jon Paul Robbins obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 1970 when he graduated with cum laude honors. He next attended Cornell University and obtained his Juris Doctorate from this venerable institution, again graduating with distinction as he had at SUNY – Binghamton.

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